Monday, April 27, 2009

act like a child, don't dress like one.

seriously, why marc? these are the marc jacob bow gladiators, which are: a. extremely ugly b. extremely tacky and c. extremely expensive at $900. so for about a grand, you too can look like the kindergardener who just learned how to use crazy glue. and i'm almost positive that you will have tons of girls saying how cute these are simply because they are marc jacobs and because im sure at least celebrity will try to wear these during the summer. but girls, please never adorn your feet with the bows we usually see hanging from a little girls braids.

these however, are my new perfect summer shoe. love the color and the fact that it still has some childlike charm. the upper ankle band is all leather on a jelly base. yes, those jelly shoes we used to wear as a kid that made our feet sweat until we were slipping in our own sweat causing us to suck at tag and cops and robbers, are now back. see by chloe makes these simple stunners. i cant find a price on the leather version, as i don't think its available in the states? the plain jelly version is only $125. hi new best friend.

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