Monday, April 20, 2009

glowsticks and fake proposals.

so this weekend, my best friend myke and i went out for some cheap-ass PBRs and a night of dancing. it was basically urban outfitters + a dance floor. oh, and i think i have a serious crush on a closeted gay man. anywho, we didn't get home til after 4:30. after our night at the bar, myke and i lingered over to the gay bar tavern...and THEN made our way to the gay club pure. it was freaking $40 for the 3 of us to get in. no wonder i have problems finding straight men.

putting the fact that i had spent $100 in one night, i actually had a ball dancing the night away in a techno, glow-stick filled dance floor. for the record, i have never seen so many shirtless guys in one room.

while my friend meg and i made our way through the gay bars, we found it to be a great idea to tell everyone we were "together." on a whim, while in the bathroom we told everyone waiting in line that we recently got engaged and are going to vermont soon to get married! everyone erupted in applause and a journalist actually approached us! she even informed us that we could get married in new jersey, but meg and i decided a road trip was sooooo much more romantic. however, while at pure, i got hit on a lot by black men. somehow, they weren't buying the whole lesbian thing. damn you!

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