Saturday, April 25, 2009

no sleep til rittenhouse?

oh what a weekend! last night went to making time at pure with my bests and had a ball. ran into the usual people from every freaking hipster ass party. around 2, my friend molly got kicked out because she couldn't stand and the bouncer asked her to say the alphabet backwards!! um hello!? can you??? to which he replied no he can't even do it but that she still can't stay. (i have since memorized it.) then we all made our way back to molly's plus a few extras.

ended up drinking, partying, and watching molly freestyle and rap til 6am, at which point her neighbor knocked on her door and kindly reminded us that "it's fucking 6 o clock in the fucking morning." thanks sir, but i have no where to be at 6 am silly!

fast forward 2 hours and the four of us (the quad.) is back at ten stone this weekend, getting our morning drink on. drunk we stumbled over to rittenhouse park to meet a bunch of friends. the park was packed! to which i replied, SUMMER IN THE CITY!!!! we layed out, played frisbees, tried to do handstands, and all complained as to how fucking hot it was. after all the cigarettes were gone around 5, we all parted ways. im currently dead.

already, i can tell...this is going to be a fucking amazing summer!

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