Monday, April 20, 2009

yum, cancer.

cancer just got a whole lot better tasting. today, a good friend of mine megan introduced me to chocolate cigarettes after eating the most wonderful breakfast and morning mimosas at ten stone. you should go. anywho, as we sat on the corner and smoked our chocolate cigarettes, i could honestly say it was the best cigarette i have tasted in my entire life.

i even licked the end of it!

after each puff, i would lick my lips and enjoy the savory taste of chocolate lingering on my lips. you can get them at wonderland, so i think i may be stopping by there pretty soon to pick up some new flavored cigarettes.

after doing some research on them, i found out the are all natural and they also make a pink and gold cigarette. how terribly ghetto-fabulous. aka i need them in my life RIGHT NOW!! if this is what lung cancer looks like, consider me sold.

they are the prettiest things i ever want to inhale.

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