Sunday, May 03, 2009

i want you to be crazy baby...


rock stars.

new hair. (ehhh...) but im rocking it. i originally went in wanting to look like penelope cruz...girly glamorous and pretty. after my hairdresser basically told me no i decided to rebel and go the other way. so after spending $200 to get my hair done i took scissors to it only a few hours later and chopped some bangs. its very do-it-yourself rocker so im happy.

this is my best friend myke and i before the kills concert. i have the hugest girl crush on alison mosshart. she looked ridiculously amazing and was just such a bad ass on stage. if i could trade lives with one person, it would most likely be her. she's amazing and has the worlds most perfect style. go google her. ill be doing a blog on her later and her style. shes the kate moss of rock and roll (myke told me im not allowed to make up these sort of analogies.) but believe me...she is.

i touched her jeans and myke almost stole her shoe. it was awesome.

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