Saturday, May 30, 2009

meow. (purrrrr)

my birthday is fast approaching and every year i am told that i am "hard to shop for." NONSENSE i say! i can shop absolutely anywhere. (i once rocked sunglasses from the dollar store and a t-shirt from the supermarket. on separate occasions of course.) i will wear almost much in so i'm jealous of people who have a crazy aunt who gives awful tacky gifts. 

anyway! in keeping with the theme of my birthday i decided i'll pick out something to represent me. being a leo, i have a strong affinity for wild cats (as i once thought it was the best idea ever to start a wild cat park on the corner). enough talking. you. can. buy. me. this.


it has 500 carats. one for every time i've heard i'm hard to shop for. well problem no more.
this can be mine for only $27.250
and aren't i worth it?



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