Friday, May 29, 2009

my night in review.

project runway has since been picked up by lifetime. in it's place bravo has it's new show called (how terribly original..) the fashion show.
isaac mizrahi, who clearly is just a media whore, and kelly rowland are the hosts.
who decided that an ousted member of a girl group is fit to determine whether the designers are worthy of a fashion line?
i'm sorry but didn't you wear three seperate outfits cut from the same sequined, lame, over-embellished cloth?
anywho! the show itself sucked and i will admit i went in with the idea that it would because it was trying so desperately hard to be a project runway spinoff.
during a climatic moment in the show kelly reveals to one of the designers after her
dress was modeled on the runway that an audience member called her dress.....

"sexy and sleek."

OMG! really? and girl did kelly deliver that line as if she was telling someone
they just won a million dollars.


stupid show. save your time.

watched scarface for the first time tonight. sat through the 3 hours and actually enjoyed it.
i will say it is a classic for a reason and i learned a few lines i can throw out there next time i get into a fight with someone.
elvira hancock played by michelle pfeiffer is fierce.
i loved her throughout the whole film. and she wears some awesome sunglasses.


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