Saturday, May 30, 2009

note to self: must find boyfriend.





i'm kind of in love. these shoes are absolutely ridick. the zipper goes all the way to the back and that epi leather (just like the LV collection) is to die for. 
they are so sleek and damn sexy. they have cheaper pairs made of cotton and some bullshit but this leather is where it's at. $250 and ill wear 15 pairs of socks so my feets can fit into them. or...

to any guy who is reading this...
be my boyfriend. let me buy these for you. let me show you off. 

ya..i'm that serious. (seriously.)

check out their other sneakers. they are absolutely crazy and like NOTHING i have ever seen before. i literally want to cry slash throw my computer
 that they don't make any of these beautiful sneakers in women's sizes. FML.


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  1. whoa whoa whoaa.. palleasee do not cry or throw that very expensive computer. i will be your boyfriend. call me hunn;)