Sunday, May 10, 2009

pretty please?

i get daily e-mails from a site called style caster...normally i'm not a fan of their daily e-mails with their daily looks that they pick out for "my personal style". only a few weeks ago on one of the hottest days in april they sent me a daily look of a chick in a big cardigan jeans and boots..what!? and the weather is in the e-mail right next to the daily look!! anywho i opened my e-mail today and i may have drooled a bit.

i need these asap. i know they are leggings and blah blah blah and its summer blah blah blah, but just look how amazing these look on her. when i first saw them i almost thought they had spikes on them (unrealistic, i know.) but its actually a printed lycra. and the leggings have 2 zippers going up and down the front of them! NEEEDD these.

only problem, the aren't available online. they are made by a designer, jordi scott. have no idea how much they are. but i need them hanging in my closet and spandexing my legs. now. find them for me and i will give you a dollar. 




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