Monday, June 29, 2009

left for dead.


i have seemed to abandon my blog. its been almost a month now and nothing. it actually saddens me.
it seems that fashion [as of right now] isn't inspiring me so much.

i can't fit another item in my closet, another pair of shoes on my shelves, or another piece of jewelry in my boxes.
i need something new to wake me up.
i feel like i've just been seeing the same pieces over and over again.
balmain trend...been there done that.
black, leather, and current life.
color? good but thanks.
rompers and one-pieces? now that forever 21 probably has them on every mannequin,
im putting mine to the back of my closet.

maybe i'm being cynical...or maybe i just need a shopping spree to fund my lack of confidence in
the current state. my friends and i often laugh at our "doug funny" wardrobes. i feel as if i am
constantly in the same variation of the outfit i wore yesterday. leggings swapped for stockings,
black skinny jeans swapped for black super skinny jeans, oversized tank swapped for tighter
tank with vest, constant massive amounts of jewelry.

im losing my religion.

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